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➰ Keeping Curly Hair Healthy ➰

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#1: Moisturize! Use moisturizing products like a leave-in conditioner spray, conditioning masque, cream or serum to help lock the moisture in, prevent frizz, and control your curl pattern. ⠀

My favorite products to use for curly clients are @evolvh's new SuperCurl Defining Cream, their Ultra Repair conditioning masque (also great for non-curly strands), or their SmartCurl Leave-In Conditioner. 


#2: Toss your hairbrush to the curb. Instead, use a wide tooth comb in the shower after applying your conditioning treatment to gently nix any tangles. ⠀

My favorite wide tooth comb is the gold wave comb from @ibizahairtools 


#3: Keep things to a minimum. This includes heat. Instead of using hot tools, remember that a little water will go a long way. If you need to stretch or shrink your curls, use a diffuser on a low-heat setting and the cool air shot to lock in your style. ⠀


#4: Avoid friction. You definitely don’t want to rub your hair against a towel after you shower. As a matter of fact, don’t towel dry at all. Try using a cotton t-shirt instead, and gently scrunch the hair to remove excess moisture. I’d also recommend sleeping with a silk pillowcase to avoid unwanted friction.

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#5: Choose wisely. Stay away from products that have alcohol or silicone in them or other harmful ingredients that can dry out or weigh down your hair. Choose products that have naturally beneficial ingredients like coconut, shea butter, aloe, essential oils, and herbs. Do this and you won’t have to fear any negative aftermath to your tresses, and it will help your styles last longer between shampoos! 

My favorite clean hair care brands right now: EVOLVh, Playa, Rahua

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