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As an expert in her industry, Ashley shares her professional opinions and insider access, making her one of the most unique voices in beauty content today. 

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Learn how to recreate this classic style I did on Molly Gordon for the NYC premiere of her latest movie BookSmart.

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march review: shampoos + conditioners

This month I decided to begin writing product reviews and I’m kicking things off with Shampoos + Conditioners.

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The Supercool New Hair Accessories Line We're Crushing On

What happens when you put a jeweler, an interior designer, an architect, and a hair colorist in the same room?  I interviewed my friend, hair colorist Cara Craig, for the story behind her new innovative accessories line. 

Over The Counter Must Haves

I asked the mentors who trained me- the busy celebrity hair stylists that they are- for their best tips, tricks, and secret product finds that are accessible at any local drug store. 

How-To: Nell Diamond's Knotted Rope Braid by Ashley Rubell 

When Nellie Diamond launched her luxury lifestyle brand, Hill House Home, we decided to do something super fun with her ALREADY PERFECTLY LONG LUSCIOUS locks! 

Mane Master: Garrett Markenson

Garrett is the mentor I turn to who doesn't realize he's the mentor I turn to. This guy is always fueling me with inspiration and the desire to tell a story. So naturally, I shared his. 

What To Buy: Protecting and Perfecting Summer Hair 

I asked my favorite colorists for advice on perfecting those golden locks without frying them or interrupting our sunbaths. 

How To: NYFW Ethereal Texture by Bok Hee x Tracy Reese

After assisting Bok Hee's team for this NYFW SS16 show, I share a quick tutorial on how it was created. 

How To: Faux Bangs by Brian Buenaventura

There IS an approachable option for those of us who are scared of commitment (to bangs). Brian Buenaventura shows us how to sport a proper faux bang in high fashion.

How To: Elle Fanning's High Ponytail by Jenda Alcorn

I used to work with Jenda when I was assisting at Ramirez Tran in LA and when I saw this sleek, chic ponytail she created for Elle, I had to ask her to share how she did it! 

Need to Know: Shaving Your Mane

Before following in the footsteps of trend setting celebs like Rhianna and MIley Cyrus, make sure you've considered a couple things first. 

Mane Master: Sunnie Brook 

She was the one who introduced me to freelancing as a hairstylist, and has quickly become one of my dearest friends. She is inspiring, generous, humble, and a very talented hair stylist. 

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How To: Beat The Heat Summer Hairstyles

Conquer the heat of the summer sun with these unique ideas on how to have fun with your hair style while still keeping it up. 

What To Buy: Caring For The Hair Texture You're Born With

It’s not as if we want what we don’t have; a lot of us want what we do have! When it comes to maintaining natural texture, all you need is an open mind and an open hand to work in some product. 

How-To: Emily Weiss's Low Double Bun

Learn this easy to do hairstyle that I created for Emily at Into The Gloss's Top Shelf Live!



Learn how to recreate this look I did for Molly during her BookSmart press in NYC!

New York: Wallflowers Exhibit at Suite Caroline 

The artists I know over at NYC's Suite Caroline Salon showcased a display of their collective creativity which is elevating hair color to be accessible rather than alternative. 

How-To: Maria Sharapova's Chic Met Gala Ponytail by Adir Abergel

After assisting Adir with Maria's hair for the Met, I broke down this complex-looking ponytail into a simple 5 step tutorial so you could re-create it yourself! 

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Manespiration for our Inner Tomboy

Inspiration comes from everywhere, ladies. Let's hear it for the boys (and the tomboys).

New York: Salon Ruggeri

My friend and fellow hair stylist, Aussie babe Michelle Garwood, invited me into her salon for a trim and I loved it so much I just had to share the experience!

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How-To: The Cool Girl Bun

Because I moved to New York and every one around me (including self) was sporting this style

What To Buy: Know Your Styling Products

I used to assist Neil Grupp who always preached the phrase "grip or slip" when it came to his hair products. So I used the phrase, along with his insight, to share some tips on the matter. 

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What To Buy: The 5 Best Holiday Hair Reads

The holidays: It's a time of love, a time of cheer, and a time to catch up on your reading in search of inspiration for the new year ahead!

Mane Master: Lacy Redway

As one of the many hair stylists out there that has influenced my own career path, I decided to interview Lacy and share her insights on living a balanced life, and on all things hair of course. 

Olivia Culpo Becomes The Brand Ambassador For GHD


With a brand that’s named after Good Hair Days, it’s no surprise ghd chose Olivia Culpo as their first celebrity brand ambassador.

What To Buy: All Gold Everything

My favorite gold items to keep your kits elegant and your manes luxurious. 

Gigi Hadid Dons Rainbow Afros for Italian Vogue by Guido Palau 

I had a chance to chat with Guido about the process of this iconic shoot and the successes that come with time, when you learn to trust yourself and the people you work with. 

One To Watch: Emilia Clarke

Look, anyone who sits down for 2 hours every work day to have their head cornrowed prior to a gloriously platinum braided wig deserves some recognition, ok?

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5 Tips to Keeping Curly Hair Healthy

Follow these easy steps and I promise you’ll have an easier time taming your tresses.

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How-To: Pick the Right Texture Spray

Learn which wet and dry texture sprays are best for your hair type!

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How-to: The Faux Bob

A great trick to have up your sleeve for any occasion.

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Need to Know: How To Up Your Hair Game For 2016

To kick off the new year, I took us back to the basics. Get a fresh start by freshening up your need-to-know hair skills.

How-To: Knot Your Average Pony

When knots become the new braids, they're naturally the best accent to your ponytail. 

Mane Master: Nikki Providence

This girl helped me find the courage to leave LA and pursue my own dreams by making the move to NY. She's just chalk full of inspo. 

Manespiration: Kendall Jenner Goes Blonde For Vogue

A recap on another retelling of Lewis Carol's 'Through the Looking Glass' by some of fashion's best masterminds in American Vogue

Marrakesh: Travel Essentials

The more I've had to travel for work, the smarter I've gotten with my kit. 

Must Have: DIY No Crease Clips

Every season I work fashion week, I'm guaranteed to loose a majority of my no-crease clips due to the chaos of getting models ready, so I decided it'd be best to start making them myself and saving my dollars. 

What's in the bag? with Conrad Dornan

I was assisting Conrad on set a while back and ended up cleaning and organizing his kit - there's truly no better source of inspiration for a "what's in the bag" piece ;) 

Need to Know: 90s Hair Do's and Don'ts

Chokers are one thing, but butterfly clips are another...

Need To Know: Where To Part Your Hair

The smallest details can have the biggest impact of difference. 

Mane Master: Marco Santini

I worked with Marco during Bridal Fashion Week one year and I remember thinking, this guy is involved in all facets -  salon, freelance, and education - I've got to learn more about him! 

Manespiration: Celebs Most Likely To Have A New Hairstyle in 2016

Predictions of which manes to keep on our trend radar for the year ahead.